miércoles, 16 de abril de 2008

Purgatorio XI castigo vs. penitencia

"The Seven Deadly Sins temporarily atoned for in Purgatory are different in kind from the mortal sins eternally punished in Hell: they are not individual, unrepented offenses but, rather, sinful dispositions, habits of the soul, torsions of the will that call for reeducation --vices more than sins. Moreover, unlike the retributive contrapasso of Hell, the penances of Purgatory are corrective. On this first terrace what is corrected is not legitimate pride... but an unjustified excess of such a pride."

Anthony Oldcorn, Canto XI "Gone with the Wind", en LECTURA DANTIS: PURGATORIO, edited by Allen Mandelbaum, Anthony Oldcorn and Charles Ross, 2008.
Joseph Gallagher opina que tanto las penas del infierno como las del purgatorio de Dante representan castigos. La diferencia entre ambas sería que en el infierno se castiga el FRUTO del pecado (el acto), mientras que en el purgatorio se castiga la RAÍZ del pecado (la intención).

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